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About us

Hunters Nightclubs® is dedicated to providing you:

Perfect Cocktails. Our customary 12-oz. glass, 33% larger than the 8-oz. industry-standard, contains a 1.5-oz. pour of your favorite liquor which, before ice, provides the ideal mixer-to-alcohol ratio of 3 to 1.

Pure, Fresh, Frosty Beers. Professionally maintained by our vendors, our draft system is flawlessly maintained and regularly cleaned. Our staff is trained in proper serving techniques for specific and seasonal tap offerings. Bottled beers are continually checked for freshness dates and ample product rotation.

Skillful and Friendly Bartenders. Our state-qualified, professional mixologists always hand-craft your mixed and blended drinks, never using imitation ingredients or inferior mixes. All products and ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, ensuring delicious and potent results.

Courteous, Genial Door Staff. Upon entering, the door will be opened for you, followed by a smile and cordial greeting. Need help with a cab or any other issues?

Just ask!

Capable and Accomplished Managers. Specially trained, with many years' experience in the nightclub industry, our managers are highly qualified professionals proficient at handling any and every situation. Feel free to approach them (or any staff member) with questions, suggestions, comments, or complaints.

Innovative and Inspired DJs. Their passion for music, rhythm, and working the beat guarantees you a stimulating night of nonstop dancing. We are constantly updating our vast music portfolio with the newest artists and hits, with both sound and lighting effects unparalleled in the industry.

Every Reason to Become a Regular! Just one visit will make Hunters your nightclub of choice. That’s our promise.